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« An electric, intelligent and autonomous shuttle at the service of mobility » Launched in October 2015, the NAVYA ARMA is a 100 % electric and autonomous transport vehicle. This innovating and intelligent driverless shuttle can transport up to 15 passengers and safely drive up to 45 km/h.

Entrusted to the best French specialists, its design is the fruit of ten years of research and expertise which allows it to achieve the highest level of autonomy possible: Level 5, making the NAVYA ARMA the first entirely autonomous series vehicle.

The NAVYA ARMA calls upon state of the art technologies, developed to ensure safety, comfort and performance.


Customers and partners


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Vidéo : NAVYA ARMA in action

  • Performance

    Autonomous and flexible, the NAVYA ARMA does not require any driver or specific infrastructure.
    Intelligent and reliable, it can adapt to any situation by avoiding the static and dynamic obstacles.
    Environmentally friendly as it uses electrical energy, its batteries can be recharged by induction and can last from 5 to 13 hours according to the configuration and the traffic conditions.

  • Security

    The security constitutes a priority for the engineers of the NAVYA ARMA. The shuttle is equipped with state-of-the-art sensors that allows it to localize itself in the environment, detect obstacles on the road as well as traffic signs. It is also able to communicate with the outside (pedestrians, drivers…) through the use of signaling lights and screens.


    The modern and symmetrical design of the NAVYA ARMA is in adequacy with its adaptive capability and the comfort of its movement.
    Its interior layout was thought and conceived for the comfort of passengers, with which it communicates via display on touch panels as well as video and vocal information.
    The closed and glazed frame of the vehicle ensures the safety of the passengers along with a 360° view of the outside.

Technical Specifications

Three pillars The technical design of the NAVYA ARMA resides on 3 transversal pillars: Perception, which enables the understanding of the environment in which the vehicle is located, detecting obstacles and anticipating the displacements. Decision, which computes and determines its itinerary and trajectory. Navigation, which applies and follows the most optimal route computed for the vehicle.

State of the art multi-sensor technology The NAVYA ARMA is equipped with state of the art sensors capable of communicating between themselves and fusing their data to refine the decision making of the vehicle.

LIDAR Sensors

3d perception that maps the environment, allowing a precise positioning and ensure obstacle detection.


Communication between a GPS sensor and a base station to determine at any moment the precise position of the vehicle.


Measures the displacement and the wheels speed to estimate the velocity of the vehicle and confirm its position.

Camera stereovision

Obstacle detection and estimate their position in regards to the vehicle. Analysis of the environment (road signs, traffic lights) and information extraction.

The applications: Private and Public sites

The NAVYA ARMA offers multiple innovating transport solutions as to optimize the transportation of personnel, visitors or service agents on private sites. Depending on the legal framework, it can also circulate on open road and pedestrian zones, in particular to enhance mobility on the first and last mile.

The advantages

The NAVYA ARMA is the answer to major challenges of private sites of considerable size by offering adaptive solutions to companies who wish to improve the working conditions of their staff, optimize their transportation system or reduce their carbon emission.

Flexibility The NAVYA ARMA does not require any specific infrastructure to function. The driverless technology allows for quick modification of the various paths to take. Adaptive, it suits itself to the needs, constraints and specificities of each customer.

Productivity gain The NAVYA ARMA was conceived to optimize the performance of businesses by improving the flow of displacement of on-site employees. The fleet of autonomous vehicles offers a higher frequency and thus reduce the waiting and transport time. With this, it reduces the cost linked to transportation as well as the variable costs.

Responsibility and Societal Impact 100 % electrical, the NAVYA ARMA does not produce any CO2. The positive impact towards the planet is an answer to the various CSR policies as well as growing company pledges towards sustainable development.

Embedded and multi-sensor technology to ensure highest security and service quality.


Our values

Culture of Innovation Actor in a dynamic line of business, NAVYA cultivates innovation. In a startup mindset, it encourages new ideas and open public speaking of its contributors.
Multi-faceted expertise Convinced of the saying << Unity makes strength >>, NAVYA surrounds itself of complementary and sophisticated skills, and encourages synergy between its different teams.
Sense of responsibility Conscious of the security challenges linked to its activity, NAVYA is committed on the quality and reliability of its solutions, along with its collaborators in whom there is full confidence.
A positive mindset NAVYA is a motivated, close-knit, multicultural and heterogeneous team. Rich from this diversity, NAVYA brings together its collaborators around a common project.

Our vision: Answering tomorrows challenges, today

Societal Urbanization

Large cities and agglomerations are developing massively. A study of the ONU claims that by 2030, the city population should pass 60% of world population, and 70% by 2050. This galloping urbanization implies the birth of political and lifestyle changes: Development of green transportation, car-share services… However, the current solutions cannot answer the challenges and opportunities posed by growing urban flows.

« Electric and driverless, the bus of tomorrow will be more frequent and less pollutant… »

Mobility is at the heart of city planning policies. The development of transport solutions require constant improvement and intelligent systems as to adapt to the urban challenges: transport systems security, smoothing traffic flow and easing the saturated existing public transportation.


« Clean and responsible, the bus of tomorrow will be cheaper and more efficient. » The notion of sustainable city remains the central challenge of massive urbanization. At a time where cars are the main mode of transportation, city policies converge towards a desire to fight against pollution and encourage decarbonisation of cities.
NAVYA shares this vision of a healthier city, where eco-districts flourish and quality of life is improved. Conscious of the necessity to push forward lifestyle changes, it accompanies the active metropolitan revolution and contributes to the development of smart cities on a global scale.

Technological Innovations

« The world of tomorrow is being built today » We are witnessing an uproar of innovation in various fields and sectors: digital revolution, exploration and exploitation of new clean and renewable energies.
Confined for far too long to literature and science fiction, autonomous vehicles form a major technological break. In less than 10 years, cities will host the first driverless cars. Studies tend to claim that by 2055, autonomous vehicles will surpass personal vehicles. This market, estimated at billions of dollars in the next few years, therefore presents a strategic issue of the 21st century. It represents the ongoing revolution, sets the technological standard of the world of tomorrow and opens new perspective.

The cutting edge technology developed to conceive the vehicle of the future (localization GPS, visual recognition, remote sensing) have applications in other fields, such as robotics. The research in terms of autonomous vehicle thus provides new innovations that respond to the needs of a connected world in perpetual change.
In the age of Internet of things, NAVYA engineers extend and develop technologies capable of exchanging information with the outside world and communicating with surrounding infrastructure. They are indeed faced with complex challenges such as the capability of their vehicles to fuse together the various information they receive to take the optimized outcome. Their ambition? To conceive today the technology of tomorrow.


Offering new technology at the service of security and safety constitutes a key challenge, in particular in the transportation and fret sector. Autonomous vehicles answer to the objective of reducing road accidents and improving the safety of streets. They offer a solution by removing human error, responsible of 93% of accidents.
Conscious of the necessity of ensuring an optimal level of security and safety in terms of transport and mobility, NAVYA develops reliable and effective technology.


Navya tomorrow ?

« NAVYA, the vehicle of tomorrow, available today » The road to come In a time where driverless projects and technologies are multiplying, the relevance of electric and autonomous vehicles is undeniable. In the dawn of a new era of transportation of people and goods, NAVYA has given itself the mission of participating in the sustainable transformation of lifestyles by reinventing mobility. The future changes in legal framework will soon allow its shuttles on open road and urban centers.




30 vehicles deployed in January 2017

Launch in Las Vegas in partnership with Keolis, Las Vegas (USA)

Launch of Navly in a partnership with Kéolis, Lyon (France)

Launch of Rac Intellibus with RAC, Perth (Australia)

Launch of test phase on the open road in Sion


Passenger Terminal Expo Cologne 2016: NAVYA ARMA Demonstration

Presentation of the NAVYA ARMA fleet on the EDF nuclear plant of Civaux (Sub-titled)


NAVYA ARMA on the open-road at ITS World Congress 2015 (Recorded by Drones)

NAVYA ARMA Fleet on the open-road in Bordeaux (FR) : Street views

The NAVYA ARMA on the open-road : the vision of the 100% autonomous, driverless and electric shuttle

NAVYA ARMA : The main technical specifications

EDF – Des navettes sans chauffeurs à Civaux

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