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3 July 2017


The inauguration of the autonomous shuttles service on the La Défense Esplanade took place this morning, Monday, July 3 at the Hilton La Défense restaurant with the participation of this ambitious project’s partners: Valérie PÉCRESSE, President of the Île-de-France region and of STIF, Patrick DEVEDJIAN, President of the Departmental Board of Hauts-de Seine and of DEFACTO, Jean-Pierre FARANDOU, CEO of Keolis Group and Christophe SAPET, CEO of NAVYA, have all expressed their positive vision about this project. Following their speech, the four directors have boarded one of the three autonomous shuttles which are deployed to officially launch this new transport service at the cutting edge of technology that serves the first European business district.

An experimentation of a considerable scale at La Defense !

Three autonomous, driverless and electric shuttles will circulate all week long, during six months, in the most visited business district in Europe! The three AUTONOM SHUTTLES will operate on three different tracks in order to cover the district of La Défense which hosts more than 500 000 visitors daily!

During the first three months of the service, welcome officers will be present with the passengers onboard the shuttles to acquaint them with this unprecedented service. Then they will circulate without any welcome officers during the last three months.

The experimentation, which has begun last Thursday, will be conducted, at least, until end of December 2017. It will allow to test this 100% autonomous and eco-friendly public transport service, in a very dense urban area, for the purpose of a possible deployment in the years to come. The goal of this service is to transport passengers on the first and last kilometer.

This service, offered by the STIF, Keolis, NAVYA and DEFACTO, is free during all the experimentation.



The two AUTONOM SHUTTLES that circulates during the week.


Christophe SAPET, CEO of NAVYA presenting the autonomous shuttles service.


Jean-Pierre FARANDOU, CEO of Keolis Group.


One of the three AUTONOM SHUTTLES operating at the Esplanade of La Défense.


Valérie PÉCRESSE, President of the Île-de-France region and of STIF and Christophe SAPET, CEO of NAVYA.


Official picture in front of a shuttle with Valérie PÉCRESSE, Patrick DEVEDJIAN, Jean-Pierre FARANDOU and Christophe SAPET.




Practical information

Three AUTONOM SHUTTLES have been deployed for this experimentation on the La Défense Esplanade. The starting point for the three tracks is at the foot of Grande Arche of La Défense.

2 tracks during the week :

  • Grande Arche – Quartier Valmy : 1 stop at the start of the Promenade des Jardins de l’Arche.
  • Faubourg de l’Arche – Technip FMC Tower : 1 stop at place Carpeaux.

Schedule and stops frequencies :

  • Schedule during the week : 8:00 am-8:00 pm
  • One shuttle every ten minutes during the peak hours (8:00am-10:00am / 12:00am-2:00pm / 4:00pm-8:00pm).
  • One shuttle every twenty minutes during the rest of the day.

1 track during the week-end :

  • Grande Arche – Cheminée de Moretti : 2 stops
    • Stop in front of “Les Personnages Fantastiques” facing the 4 Temps shopping mall.
    • Stop “Les Trois Arbres” near the GE building and the Sofitel hotel.

Schedule and passage frequencies :

  • Schedule during the week-end and public holidays : 10:00 am-6:00 pm
  • One shuttle every twenty minutes.




Autonomous, driverless and electric: the shuttle developed by NAVYA serves cities and private sites by bringing ever more mobility.

In the city or on a private site, the shuttle conceived by NAVYA is an innovative, effective, clean and intelligent mobility solution. NAVYA SHUTTLE guarantees autonomous transport performance as well as a comfortable trip for the first and last mile, thanks to its gentle navigation.

Capable of transporting up to 15 people, AUTONOM SHUTTLE combines a number of advantages. AUTONOM SHUTTLE fleets make it possible for operators to improve productivity on private sites, and ease road congestion in urban centers. Passengers also enjoy a pleasant trip while making the most of their travel time.

The AUTONOM SHUTTLE was specifically designed to meet the needs of an autonomous, driverless vehicle while also optimizing navigation and safety features. With neither a steering wheel nor pedals, AUTONOM SHUTTLE uses effective guidance and detection systems that combine various types of advanced technology. Data from Lidar sensors, cameras, GPS RTK, IMU and odometry is merged together and interpreted by deep learning programs. AUTONOM SHUTTLE moves about efficiently and makes proficient decisions. Without any driver.




A pioneer and specialist in the autonomous vehicle market, NAVYA assists cities and private sites around the world in improving their transport offer with its autonomous, driverless and electric solutions. At the cutting edge of technology, NAVYA revolutionizes trips by offering fluid mobility solutions.

NAVYA’s impact is international. Its multidisciplinary team of experts is motivated by one principle objective: offering new mobility solutions that are more intelligent and more fluid, thereby taking part in the sustainable transformation of everyday life.

NAVYA benefits from an overall vision and expertise in automobile technology and software solutions which include perception, visualization, navigation, geolocation, telecommunications and automobile manufacturing.

Indeed, at our 5 sites located in France and the United States, our 150 employees combine their complementary skills in Research & Development, Design and Production, to conceive and develop our range of autonomous, driverless and 100% electric vehicles. These are vehicles that merge motor, digital and robotic technology and are capable of solving the problem of the first and last mile, both in cities and on private sites.

In Europe, the United States and in Asia and the Pacific, over 50 AUTONOM SHUTTLE are already in service (September 2017) and more than 180,000 passengers have already benefited from this innovative mobility solution, in cities or on private sites.