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The senses of our vehicles

Sensors Architecture

NAVYA SENSES is the NAVYA SHUTTLE vehicle sensor architecture. This unique architecture is made up of high performance sensors that enable the vehicle to receive a maximum amount of data.  NAVYA SHUTTLE is equipped with state-of-the-art sensors including Lidars, cameras, GPS RTK, IMU and odometry.

The data collected by these sensors is then transmitted to NAVYA COGNITIV where it is merged.

This merged data thus allows the NAVYA vehicles to move around efficiently and make the most appropriate decisions.  And all of this without a driver.

Sensors Architecture
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GNSS Antenna

The GNSS antenna is a global positioning system that communicates between the GPS sensor and a base station. It calculates the vehicle’s precise location at any moment.

slider sensors Image- Sensors Architecture

Lidar Sensors

Using laser technology to measure distances, Lidar sensors map out the vehicle’s surroundings, which includes detecting obstacles, as well as the vehicle’s precise location within these surroundings.

slider sensors Image- Sensors Architecture


Cameras further analyze the vehicle’s surroundings, especially road signs and traffic lights. They contribute as well in obstacle detection and identification.

slider sensors Image- Sensors Architecture


The odometry sensor estimates and confirms the vehicle’s location and speed while it is moving.

Sensors Architecture


Cutting-Edge Multi-Sensor Technology

The NAVYA SHUTTLE’s sensor architecture is among the most advanced there is. The architecture’s robust and complete design combines information from a number of the latest generation sensors in order to understand and visualize its environment in a precise manner.

The sensors provide the computer with information. It then makes decisions and acts on them.

Sensors Architecture

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