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19 January 2016



Lyon 19th January 2016

Navya SAS, the French company led by Christophe Sapet and specialists in « driverless technologies » has announced that it has secured 4.1 million euros in funding.  This increase in capital is designed to finance its international growth.


THE FRCI, GRAVITATION and NAVYA MANAGEMENT STAFF have secured a stake in the company

NAVYA’s initial funding came from Robolution Capital, an investment fund created by Bruno Bonnell and Orkos Capital and from the company’s CEO, Christophe Sapet.

CapDecisif Management with the FRCI Fund (Fonds Régional de Co-investissement de la Région Ile de France) represented by by Yvan-Michel Ehkirch, investment holding company GRAVITATION, founded by Charles Breigbeder and a group of Business Angels and company employees have now joined the investor pool.


International interest for NAVYA’s SHUTTLE vehicle

NAVYA introduced SHUTTLE, its first 100% autonomous, driverless and electric public transport series vehicle at a world preview in Paris on 30th September, where NAVYA SHUTTLE successfully carried out its first demonstrations on the open road at the Intelligent Transport Systems World Congress (ITS) in Bordeaux, receiving international acclaim.

Numerous territories and closed sites (airports, industrial sites etc.) have since declared an interest in testing the SHUTTLE vehicle.

NAVYA has recently announced the first sale of its NAVYA SHUTTLE to POSTBUS, the leading bus company in Switzerland’s public transport network.

Christophe Sapet states “This additional funding has given NAVYA the means to accelerate its development in Europe and indeed worldwide. We are delighted that Gravitation and CapDecisif Management with the FRCI have placed their trust in us. Furthermore, the fact that some of the company’s employees and several Business Angels have chosen to participate in this funding demonstrates solidarity within the teams. We all have one idea in mind and that is to design and build the transport of the future with NAVYA.



A few words about NAVYA SHUTTLE

NAVYA SHUTTLE is a safe, reliable and comfortable 100% autonomous, driverless and electric public transport vehicle that can carry up to 15 people. Its performant steering systems make use of a multitude of technologies simultaneously (Lidars, stereovision cameras, GPS navigation devices, infra-red sensors, inertial navigation systems and odometry). Thanks to its sensors, NAVYA SHUTTLE can position itself to within a few centimetres of its desired target and can identify all types of obstacle on the road (fixed such as posts and mobile such as pedestrians) or signage in both daylight and at night time. Technically speaking, NAVYA SHUTTLE can reach speeds of up to 45 km/h. However, depending on the nature of the site navigated, this speed is often limited to 30 km/h. NAVYA SHUTTLE is 100% electric and operates on inductive charging batteries. The designers of NAVYA SHUTTLE have also concentrated their efforts on passenger comfort.  The closed cab and comfortable seats protect against climatic conditions and general movement when driving.  Interior and exterior communication has been specially developed to include visual and oral information messages. Interior display screens show passengers the vehicles itinerary and exterior screens inform people outside of the vehicle of its movements.



NAVYA is a French company specialised in developing innovative, smart and sustainable solutions. NAVYA develops driverless, automated electric vehicles that are independent of all infrastructure. These vehicles are a smart mode of transport and are therefore for the benefit of all citizens and society. The vehicle is equipped with a multitude of sensors and an embedded system that enables it to interact with its surroundings. It is also intended to provide efficient mobility solutions in terms of space and energy and has been built on sustainable intermodality and multimodality. NAVYA is supported by the “Robolution Capital” investment fund and presents an innovative and ambitious solution that has been developed to take up challenges laid down by today’s society. NAVYA benefits from major advances in technology in the driverless, electric vehicle sector thanks to ten years’ experience in the field and a highly qualified R&D team. Christophe Sapet, its CEO, is supported by a team of 50 people divided up between Lyon and Paris.


About the Robolution Capital Fund

Robolution Capital is the first private equity fund in the world dedicated to service robotics with 80m € at its disposal.

Robolution Capital’s mission is to invest in innovative companies of the fast growing service robotics market, mainly within Europe, at between 300k  € and 3m € per company.

The Robolution Capital team intends to play a major role in propelling the service robotics industry forward, through its expertise and its wide-ranging connections provided to the investee companies, for the benefit of their development.

Robolution Capital is managed by Orkos Capital SAS, an experienced and well known private equity management company.


About the FRCI

Le Fonds Régional de Co-investissement de la Région Ile de France (FRCI)is a co-investment equity or quasi-equity fund designed to finance new, innovative SMEs from the Île de France region  The FRCI was created at  the initiative of the Conseil Régional d’Île-de France with the support of the State and the European Union.  The FRCI, managed by financial professionals from CapDecisif Management (www.capdecisif.com), only intests in pari passu co-investment funds with one or more investment partners in the Île de France region.


About Gravitation

Gravitation is the investment holding company of Charles Beigbeder. Linked with entrepreneurs and family offices, Gravitation is involved in all stages of a company’s evolution, from creation to start-up and development.



Press contact – Agence Esprit Des Sens

Shelley Gore – s.gore@eds-groupe.com  – +33 (0)4 78 37 17 50 / +33 (0)6 81 69 50 81

NAVYA SHUTTLE images and videos can be downloaded from the website: http://navya.tech


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