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NAVYA, Leading the Market in Autonomous Vehicles


A pioneer and specialist in the autonomous vehicle market, NAVYA assists cities and private sites around the world in improving their transport offer with its autonomous, driverless and electric solutions. At the cutting edge of technology, NAVYA revolutionizes trips by offering fluid mobility solutions.

NAVYA’s impact is international. Its multidisciplinary team of experts is motivated by one principle objective: offering new mobility solutions that are more intelligent and more fluid, thereby taking part in the sustainable transformation of everyday life.

NAVYA benefits from an overall vision and expertise in automobile technology and software solutions which include perception, visualization, navigation, geolocation, telecommunications and automobile manufacturing.

Indeed, at our sites located in France and the United States, our employees combine their complementary skills in Research & Development, Design and Production, to conceive and develop our range of autonomous, driverless and 100% electric vehicles. These are vehicles that merge motor, digital and robotic technology and are capable of solving the problem of the first and last mile, both in cities and on private sites.

In Europe, the United States and in Asia and the Pacific, many AUTONOM SHUTTLES are already in service and several hundreds of thousands of passengers have already benefited from this innovative mobility solution, in cities or on private sites.

Étienne Hermite NAVYA NAVYA

“At NAVYA, we are passionate both about mobility’s challenges and new technology. With the development of our autonomous driving systems, day after day we are revolutionizing the idea of mobility in cities and on private sites.

We must create new features and ways of using transportation to meet mobility’s new challenges, so that we have a complete solution to offer our clients. Shared or private, this new fluid, continuous and effective transportation service meets traveler expectations before, during and after each trip.

Thanks to its autonomous vehicles, NAVYA offers a unique, effective and smooth mobility experience for the first and last mile.”

Étienne Hermite



Vision & Mission

NAVYA is dedicated to sustainably transforming the way in which we live and work by reinventing urban mobility. Driverless, more intelligent and cleaner, NAVYA’s new mobility solutions give humankind a new kind of “autonomy”.

Since it was founded, NAVYA’s vocation has been to find solutions for mobility challenges that are linked to increasingly dense populations in city centers and their consequences on the environment and traffic management, including congestion.



Over 1 Billion Cars used in the World

  • In 2050, 70% of the world’s population will be concentrated in cities
  • Over 1 billion cars are currently in use around the world
  • In 2016, drivers spent over 65 hours in traffic jams in Paris, far behind Moscow (91 hours) and Los Angeles (104 hours) (source: INRIX 2016 study)
  • 3 million deaths are caused by car accidents ever year around the world (source: World Health Organization (WHO))
  • The WHO predicts that in 2030, 2.3 million people will die as a result of a road accident
  • Outdoor air pollution, partly a result of automobile traffic, causes 2.6 million deaths each year around the world (source: WHO)
Make the City Fluid

NAVYA Moves from Mobility to Being Fluid

With AUTONOMs – AUTONOM SHUTTLE as a shuttle service and AUTONOM CAB for individual trips – NAVYA offers a continuous mobility experience that is increasingly effective. Mobility is fluid.

Serving intelligent mobility, NAVYA’s mission is to make cities all over the world fluid.

Whether complementing existing urban transport methods or running on private sites, NAVYA’s AUTONOMS are now THE ideal solution for the first and last mile  and for easing road congestion in city centers.

By reinventing travel methods at the heart of urban complexity, NAVYA provides a fluid, connected, safe and clean mobility experience for all citizens.

So that everyone can enjoy their city as a simple space that is pleasant to live in.

Each Quarter, Traffic Jams Increase by 6% around the World

  • 50% of the world’s population lives in cities (70% in 2050), on 2% of the world’s territory
  • Every quarter, traffic jams increase by 6% around the world, despite the implementation of new public transportation networks, the growth in carpooling, and the use of dissuasive methods.
  • Every year, drivers in Los Angeles spend on average 104 hours in traffic jams; 91 hours in Moscow; 79 hours in Bogota; 73 hours in London; 65.3 hours in Paris; 64 hours in Bangkok; 58.6 hours in Istanbul.
  • The yearly cost of traffic jams around the world is estimated at $340 billion.
Navya Company




We Use Intelligence to Serve New Mobility

Specializing in the development of intelligent, innovative and sustainable mobility solutions, NAVYA’s Research and Development department renews and continually changes technology’s capabilities.

Intelligence serving new mobility. NAVYA can count on its Research and Development team, one of the most experienced in the world, to develop innovative and sustainable mobility solutions. Our engineers – computer experts and engineers – continually innovate in terms of artificial intelligence and decision-making so that technology progresses. They work with complex technology that merges computer expertise, automobile manufacturing and advanced techniques in navigation, geolocation and telecommunications.

Drawing on an agile and fluid organization, our R&D team conceives the software, programs and algorithms that drive and control autonomous shuttles, resulting in perception (detecting obstacles), decision (planning itinerary and path) and action (applying decisions).

Their objective is to make our solutions increasingly effective.


We Provide Highly Responsive Production Capabilities

A specialist in the production of autonomous vehicles, NAVYA has established a solid and effective Production platform.

NAVYA plans and undertakes the Production of autonomous vehicles in their entirety, from the sensor architecture to mechanics, electronics and assembling the vehicle. At all levels, our production platform is highly responsive.

Our teams are located at several manufacturing sites in France and in the United States to make our vehicles. Our production plants combine classic mechanical production expertise with unique production expertise in sensor architecture.


We Provide Dedicated and Personalized Services to Assist Customers and End-Users

NAVYA offers a wide range of services, including supervision and maintenance for clients  and an application for passengers, for a fully optimized mobility solution.

As well as providing a fleet of shuttles, NAVYA’s wide range of services allows it to work hand in hand with its clients for fleet supervision, vehicle maintenance and providing a passenger application.

Practically speaking,

  • NAVYA LEAD, the supervision service, can oversee shuttle fleets anywhere in the world.  The objective is to guarantee service performance and continuity.
  • NAVYA ASSISTANCE is dedicated to NAVYA SHUTTLE maintenance, and the service includes replacing and repairing mechanical and electric parts.
  • NAVYA APP, the application for travelers, provides access in real time to all practical information.

Navya Compagny



VALEO, Our Technology Partner

VALEO and NAVYA became partners in October 2016. Their collaboration is centered around having access to the VALEO Group’s technology and materials in order to integrate them into autonomous shuttles and optimize sensor data analysis, essential to intelligent mobility.

In October 2016, VALEO also became one of NAVYA’s major shareholders.


VALEO is an automotive supplier who works with all car manufacturers around the world. As a technology company, VALEO offers innovative systems and equipment to reduce CO2 emissions and develop intuitive driving. In 2015, the company reported €14.5 billion in sales and dedicated 10% of its budget to R&D.

KEOLIS, Our Fleet Deployment Partner

NAVYA and KEOLIS became partners in October 2016. With KEOLIS, a company specializing in the public transportation of passengers, NAVYA is able to meet demands to manage driverless fleets used by local authorities. For example, the two companies have been sharing the management of the NAVLY service in Lyon’s Confluence neighborhood since early September 2016. Together, KEOLIS and NAVYA make the latest mobility technology available.

In October 2016, KEOLIS also became one of NAVYA’s principle shareholders, entering into the group’s capital as part of a €30 million capital increase.


The Keolis Group is a world leader in the public transportation of travelers, and is owned 70% by the SNCF and 30% by the institutional investor, Caisse de dépôt et placement du Québec (CDPQ). With its 60,000-strong team located in 16 countries, Keolis develops customized mobility offers, adapted to local requirements: automatic subways, tramways, trains, buses, cars, maritime and river shuttles, bike sharing services… In 2014, Keolis carried 3 billion voyagers and earned €5.6 billion in sales.

RAC, Our Regional Fleet Deployment Partner

NAVYA and RAC, an Australian organization, became partners in May 2017 with the aim of speeding up the deployment of autonomous shuttles in Australia, New Zealand and South-East Asia. With this agreement, RAC is able to manage both deployment and client support in these areas.

In August 2016, RAC commissioned a NAVYA SHUTTLE on public roads in Perth, with the support of the Australian government. Thanks to this initiative, Australians benefit from this new transportation mode’s favorable conditions.

About RAC

RAC (Royal Automobile Club) has been a recognized mutual organization since 1905. With no shareholders, profits are reinvested in favor of its 900,000 members and local communities in general. In addition to safe, sustainable and accessible mobility solutions, RAC also offers a number of services that include insurance, assistance, travel and financing.

Navya Compagny












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