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The first robo-taxi on the market


NAVYA has launched AUTONOM CAB, the first robotized production cab on the market. Autonomous, personalized and shared, this unique mobility solution provides an answer to urban mobility’s major challenges.

In a short space of time, an increase in urban populations has led to an increase in the use of cars and the accidents that go with them, an increase in traffic congestion in and around cities, and an increase in CO2 emissions. All of these consequences raise the question of how to manage urban mobility.


  • In 2050, 70% of the world’s population will be concentrated in cities
  • Over 1 billion cars are currently in use around the world
  • In 2016, drivers spent more than 65 hours in traffic jams in Paris, far behind Moscow (91 hours) and Los Angeles (104 hours) (source: INRIX 2016 study)
  • 3 million deaths are caused every year around the world by car accidents (source: World Health Organization (WHO))
  • The WHO predicts that in 2030, 2.3 million people will die as a result of a road accident
  • Outdoor air pollution, partly a result of automobile traffic, causes 2.6 million deaths each year around the world (source: WHO)

To ease road congestion in city centers and provide an answer to the demand for first and last mile service, a new mobility solution must be conceived.

As a pioneer and specialist in the autonomous vehicle market, NAVYA has conceived, developed and produced the AUTONOM CAB, the very first autonomous, personalized and shared mobility solution. The cab was designed from the outset to be autonomous, just like all the vehicles in the AUTONOM range, meaning that there is no cockpit, steering wheel nor pedals.

Fluid, Continuous, and Effective Service

At the heart of the smart city, AUTONOM CAB provides an intelligent transport service for individual trips in urban centers. Able to carry 1 to 6 passengers, AUTONOM CAB is a fluid, continuous and effective solution that answers user expectations in terms of service before, during and after their trip. Available as either a private or shared service, AUTONOM CAB places an emphasis on conviviality and comfort. On board, passengers can for example choose to work, benefiting from fully connected technology, or partake in an interactive cultural visit of the city. They can also choose a playlist, or buy their cinema or museum tickets.

Wireframe Picture

Users can order AUTONOM CAB with a simple click, open and close the vehicle’s door and start its motor, all thanks to the dedicated smartphone application. While inside, they can choose their own playlist, obtain tourist information or finish ordering tickets for a show.

Recognizable thanks to its rounded contours, AUTONOM CAB’s silhouette is both modern and robust. Outside, AUTONOM CAB has a colored light band that communicates with its passengers, the person who ordered and commands the cab, and pedestrians. Inside, the glass compartment provides users with a panoramic view of the city.

Able to drive on the open road, AUTONOM CAB benefits from the world’s most sophisticated multi-sensor technology (10 Lidars, 6 cameras, 4 radars, 2 GNSS antennae, 1 inertial measurement unit (IMU)) in order to handle all traffic situations that occur in an urban setting. Able to reach 80 km/hour, AUTONOM CAB’s operational speed is 50 km/hour.


“Today, we must recognize that the status of individual cars has changed, especially among younger generations. Young people today do not necessarily have their driver’s license and are less attached to the concept of owning their own car.

What really interests them is having mobility solutions that are operational 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, ensuring their safety and well-being at a reduced cost.”

Étienne Hermite

NAVYA Chief Executive Officer



Length (m)4,65
Width (m)1,95
Height (m)2,10
Ground clearance (empty/in charge) (m)0,20/0,14
Tyres205/55 R19
Empty weight (kg)2000
Gross weight (kg)2500
Drive wheels2
Power (kw)15
Maximum speed (km/h)90
Operating speed (km/h)50
Maximum slope13
BatteryPack LiFePO4
Capacity (Kw.h)22 or 33
duration 90%9h on 16A / 5h on 32A
Autonomy (h)10
Charging technologyPlug (16A or 32A)
Charging temperature (°C)0 to 40
Operating temperature (°C)-10 to 40
Steering wheels2
Turning raidus (m)5,50
DoorsElectric sliding door
GlazingTinted glass
Visual informationOutside LED panel + Inside stretched TFT screen
Sound system12 speakers + amp 4x 80WRMS (FOCAL)
Sound warningBell/Klaxon
Lidars 13 Lidars 360° multi-layers
Lidars 27 Lidars 360° multi-layers
OdometerWheels encodeur + engine
Emergency stop button2 buttons
Emergency BrakeAutomatic
Hand BrakeAutomatic
slider sensors Image- AUTONOM CAB

Lidar Sensor

Using laser technology to measure distance, Lidar sensors perceive the vehicle’s surroundings in three dimensions. They ensure detection of obstacles and calculate the vehicle’s precise positioning thanks to 3D-mapping.

AUTONOM CAB uses the world’s two best types of Lidar technology. VLP Lidars from Velodyne provide 360° peripheral vision, and SCALA Lidars from Valeo are capable of seeing at distances greater than 200 meters.

slider sensors Image- AUTONOM CAB


Cameras analyze the vehicle’s surroundings, in particular road signs and traffic lights. Thanks to “deep-learning” algorithms, the cameras detect and categorize obstacles.

slider sensors Image- AUTONOM CAB


Radars determine the position and speed of nearby objects. They ensure long-distance vision.

slider sensors Image- AUTONOM CAB

GNSS Antenna

GNSS antenna are linked to a GNSS RTK system that provides precise positioning, accurate to the nearest centimeter.

slider sensors Image- AUTONOM CAB


The IMU measures vehicle accelerations and rotations, thereby allowing the vehicle to confirm positioning information and improve precision.

slider sensors Image- AUTONOM CAB


The odometry sensor estimates and confirms the vehicle’s location and speed while it is moving.



Cutting-Edge Multi-Sensor Technology

AUTONOM CAB benefits from one of the market’s most complete sensor architectures, including no less than 10 Lidar sensors, 6 cameras, 4 radars, 2 GNSS antennae and 1 inertial measurement unit (IMU). These sensors provide at least a triple redundancy across all functions, guaranteeing exceptional reliability.

Design Your Own AUTONOM CAB

My Design

You can personalize your AUTONOM CAB! Choose your city’s or company’s specific color from our palette, and add your logo. We take care of the rest.

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