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Urban population is constantly increasing, leading to the development of car traffic, congestion in city centres, an increase in CO2 emissions and an escalation in traffic accidents. In the short term, this phenomenon raises the question of urban mobility at the heart of the smart city, as well as in areas with individual requirements that are more difficult to manage, particularly on the first and last mile.

  • By 2050, cities will account for 70% of the world’s population.
  • Already more than a billion cars circulate in the world (source: Comité des Constructeurs Français d’Automobiles (CCFA).
  •  In 2016, in Paris, drivers spent more than 65 hours in traffic jams, far behind Moscow (91 hours), or Los Angeles (104 hours) (source: 2016 INRIX study).
  • 1.3 million deaths are caused by car accidents every year worldwide (source: WHO).
  • WHO predicts that by 2030, 2.3 million people will die as a result of a road traffic accident. 2.6 million deaths worldwide are caused each year by outdoor air pollution, partly related to motor traffic (source: WHO).

NAVYA : from mobility to fluidity

With AUTONOM® CAB for on-demand trips – NAVYA provides a continuous and more effective mobility experience. A more fluid mobility.

In the service of intelligent mobility, NAVYA aims to fluidify cities all over the world. Whether in addition to existing means of transport in the city centre or to serve private sites, NAVYA AUTONOMS become THE ideal travel solution to cover the first and last mile.
By reinventing ways of travelling at the heart of urban complexity, NAVYA offers every city dweller a smooth, connected, safe and clean mobility experience.

AUTONOM CAB : an unprecedented answer to new urban mobility challenges

Autonome, plus intelligente et plus propre, AUTONOM CAB, la nouvelle solution de mobilité développée par NAVYA, propose un service de mobilité révolutionnaire.

  • On a global scale
  • AUTONOM CAB responds to the major challenges of urbanization, as well as pollution and safety issues, by providing a fluid and intelligent mobility service.

  • On an urban scale
  • AUTONOM CAB aims to fluidify the city by providing a solution to the phenomenon of congestion, caused in part by private passenger cars.

  • On a human scale
  • the new mobility solutions developed by NAVYA, AUTONOM SHUTTLE and AUTONOM CAB, bring users into the AUTONOM era, with personalized, connected and efficient service.





For shared or private use:
Regardless of the service selected, AUTONOM CAB, promotes social interaction and well-being, providing a customized, connected and efficient service.


The very first shared and on-demand autonomous transport service for urban centers. 
A solution designed from the outset to be autonomous, in other words with no cockpit, steering wheel nor pedals. 


A smart, fluid and performant solution providing an answer to the demand for first and last mile transportation. 
A solution that rises to the major challenges posed by urbanisation, increased pollution and road safety .  

A connected, simple and fluid user experience

Thanks to a dedicated smartphone application called
NAVYA APP, users can order an AUTONOM CAB with a simple click and open and close the vehicle’s door to start it up

While inside, they can choose their own
playlist, obtain tourist information or finish ordering tickets for a show.

Users will soon be able to synchronize AUTONOM
CAB with their agendas and program it to arrive at a set time. AUTONOM CAB will also be capable of preempting traffic jams so that users can be on time or even be able plan conference calls with clients.



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