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Autonom Cab partners

Strong partners

NAVYA has already signed several partnership agreements with transport specialists, in particular with KEOLIS for Europe and the United States and with ROYAL AUTOMOBILE CLUB (RAC WA), for Australia.
Together with its partners, NAVYA is going to set up fleets of vehicles that will travel on open roads in city center districts.
These experiments will provide feedback to further optimize routes and functionalities.
At the forefront of Research and Development, with its production capacities in France and the United States and its recognized experience in terms of experimentation and use throughout the world, NAVYA is able to deploy AUTONOM CAB technology very quickly, in consultation with cities and transport operators.

Fleet deployment partner

In October 2016, NAVYA and KEOLIS became partners. With KEOLIS, a company specialized in public passenger transport, NAVYA is able to answer the demands of management of driverless vehicles fleets within local authorities.
Together, KEOLIS and NAVYA can offer the latest mobility technologies.
At the same time, KEOLIS also became one of NAVYA’s main shareholders, by acquiring a stake in the group as part of a €30 million capital increase.


Fleet deployment partner

In September 2018, RAC and NAVYA announced the arrival of AUTONOM® CAB in Perth, Australia.
As a reminder, in May 2017, NAVYA and RAC became partners with the objective of accelerating the deployment of AUTONOM® SHUTTLES in Australia, New Zealand and Southeast Asia. Through this agreement, RAC is able to ensure deployment and customer support in these areas.
In August 2016, with the support of the Australian government, RAC had already put an AUTONOM® SHUTTLE into service in Perth on public roads. Thanks to this initiative, Australians can benefit from this new mode of transport under the best conditions


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