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AUTONOM SHUTTLE, the Revolutionary First and Last Mile Travel Solution



Autonomous, driverless and electric: the shuttle developed by NAVYA serves cities and private sites by offering a more fluid mobility solution.

In the city or on a private site, the shuttle conceived by NAVYA is an innovative, effective, clean and intelligent mobility solution. AUTONOM SHUTTLE guarantees an autonomous transport performance as well as a comfortable trip for the first and last mile, thanks to its gentle navigation.

Capable of transporting up to 15 people, the AUTONOM SHUTTLE combines a number of advantages. AUTONOM SHUTTLE fleets make it possible for operators to improve productivity on private sites, and ease road congestion in urban centers. Passengers also enjoy a pleasant trip while making the most of their travel time.

Cutting-Edge Technology

The AUTONOM SHUTTLE was specifically designed to meet the needs of an autonomous, driverless vehicle while also optimizing navigation and safety features. With neither a steering wheel nor pedals, AUTONOM SHUTTLE uses effective guidance and detection systems that combine various types of advanced technology. Data from Lidar sensors, cameras, GPS RTK, IMU and odometry is merged together and interpreted by deep learning programs. AUTONOM SHUTTLE moves about efficiently and makes proficient decisions, all without a driver.

Before, during and after each trip, AUTONOM SHUTTLE offers an overall solution for mobility that is continuous and fluid.


NAVYA Safety Report

Our team of more than 250 engineers, designers, and automotive technology experts are dedicated to working on the safest, most sustainable and advanced vehicles available anywhere. Each day, members of the NAVYA team deliver amazing work to make this more than a mission, but a reality.

As an industry and a society, we need to create a bridge to the future, taking steps towards establishing a comprehensive benchmark for the coming Autonomous Vehicle Era, ultimately improving our quality of life while continuing to raise safety standards for a world in constant motion.

Since its inception, NAVYA has focused on the safety and reliability aspects of our vehicles with a laser focus. Passenger safety must always remain the main concern of autonomous vehicle makers. Not only is it the most important priority, it is also the key to obtain the public’s trust in this new concept in automotive transport.



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