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Inauguration of NAVYA LAB, NAVYA’s new Research & Development centre in La Défense

22 January 2019

Inauguration of NAVYA LAB, NAVYA’s new Research & Development centre in La Défense

On Tuesday, January 22nd, NAVYA inaugurated its new premises in the Majunga Tower in Paris – La Défense. Within these walls, the new research and development centre covering more than 1,400 m², the NAVYA LAB and brings together more than 100 engineers and doctors.


A centre totally dedicated to the improvement of NAVYA’s vehicles

By establishing itself in an ultramodern building such as the Majunga Tower and in an emblematic business district, NAVYA wants to assert its position as a leader in the autonomous vehicle sector – and its determination to bring together the best talents within its walls.

The NAVYA LAB is one of the most important R&D centres in France totally dedicated to autonomous vehicles: it is composed of 80% of engineer-developers and 20% of experts providing engineering support. Their businesses are focused on such important issues as mapping, decision-making, simulation and HMI (Human-Machine Interface).

The challenges of NAVYA LAB: innovation and agility

While NAVYA has always striven to guarantee the highest possible level of quality for all its autonomous vehicles, it also strives to promote flexible and intelligent working methods. Thanks to these agile working methods, all work together in a flexible and intelligent way with the same objective: to guarantee the technological excellence of the autonomous vehicles designed by NAVYA in order to enable the company to keep its lead on the market.



A versatile, innovative and expert R&D team

This unique R&D know-how combines robotics, digital and automotive technologies at the highest level. Within its R&D team, NAVYA recruits engineers in computer science and robotics, combining knowledge of mathematics and mastery of the various computer languages. Once recruited, engineers and technicians are trained in autonomous vehicle trades by NAVYA. They thus develop know-how and expertise that is unprecedented on the market.

Aspiring to deploy its autonomous and ecologically clean shuttles all over the world, NAVYA is giving itself the means to achieve its ambitions. By opening offices in a resolutely modern and strategically located space, it strives to offer the best working conditions… An essential ingredient to bring out the ideas that will transform our metropolises!

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