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31 October 2017


NAVLY is celebrating its 1st year of service at the Lyon’s eco-district, Confluence. On this occasion, a press conference was given with the presence of Christophe Sapet, President of NAVYA, Pascal Jacquesson, CEO of KEOLIS Lyon and President of NAVLY, Arnaud Van Troeyen, Deputy Managing Director Strategy and Development of Keolis, Fouziya Bouzerda, Presidente of Sytral, and David Kimelfeld, President of the Métropole of Lyon.

This conference was an opportunity to highlight the two NAVYA SHUTTLES’ success whose objectives were threefold:

  • –   Continuous operation of an autonomous shuttle
  • –   Test the public’s response to a NAVYA SHUTTLE
  • –   Identify the use cases of this new technology.

“Navly is a huge success for the city, henceforth we have to develop infrastructure in order to offer more ride” Christophe Sapet.


The success of NAVLY

In partnership with Keolis and supported by the Métropole of Lyon, NAVYA launched in September 2016 the very first autonomous shuttle service named NAVLY in Confluence in the 2nd district of Lyon.

NAVLY was approved by the Ministry of Ecology, Sustainable Development and Energy in July 2016 as a national experiment. Since the beginning of the experiment in autumn 2016, NAVLY has transported more than 22,000 passengers. NAVLY has been tested by the curious and the inhabitants of the Confluence district who are pleasantly surprised by the NAVYA SHUTTLES.

According to Junior, operator NAVLY since its commissioning, “… the phenomenon of curiosity we observed at the beginning of the experiment seems to be resorbed on weekdays to make room for some regulars”.

NAVLY is the first regular service provided by autonomous shuttles on a site open to the public through a 1.3-kilometer section. NAVLY’s success has led to other operations such as the one at La Défense, considered as the largest pedestrian area in Europe. To date, NAVYA is studying a dozen other projects to optimize travel over the first and last kilometers.

From the left to the right : Christophe Sapet, David Kimelfeld, Fouziya Bouzerda.


NAVLY extended until the end of 2018 ?

The two NAVYA SHUTTLES were supposed to circulate only for a year period, finally it will continue until the end of December 2017. The operation will also know technological evolutions with new features: the bypassing of fixed obstacles, the evolution of the architecture sensors, as well as optimized navigation comfort.

To continue to demonstrate the reliability of the NAVYA SHUTTLE and to improve the service to increase passenger numbers, a request was made to the Ministry of Ecology and Sustainable Development and Energy to extend the operation of the NAVYA SHUTTLES until the end of 2018.


A NAVLY mobile app

NAVYA has created an application for its two NAVYA SHUTTLES in circulation at Confluence. Thus, users will be able to know the position of the shuttles on their route in real time and to consult the schedule. The app called “NAVLY” is already available on the Google Play and the AppStore.


Video of the NAVLY autonomous shuttles service in Lyon Confluence





NAVYA, created in 2014, is a French company specializing in developing innovative, smart and sustainable mobility solutions. NAVYA develops driverless, automated electric vehicles that are independent of all infrastructure. These vehicles are designed for the intelligent transport of people and goods.
In October 2015, NAVYA launched the NAVYA SHUTTLE, a 100% autonomous, driverless and electric shuttle which can transport up to 15 people and which is now operating on different sites: private sites and public roads.
The vehicle is equipped with numerous sensors and an on-board computing system that enables it to interact with its surroundings. It is also intended to provide efficient mobility solutions in terms of space and energy. NAVYA benefits from major advances in technology in the autonomous, electric vehicle sector thanks to its experience in the field and a highly-qualified R&D team. Christophe Sapet, its CEO, is supported by a team of 150 people divided up between Lyon and Paris.
October 2016 saw NAVYA’s shareholders unanimously approve a raise in capital of 30 million euros. French groups VALEO and KEOLIS and the Qatari GROUP8 acquired a stake in the company alongside GRAVITATION and CAPDECISIF MANAGEMENT, who joined in 2015 and ROBOLUTION CAPITAL, the original investor. www.navya.tech


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