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11 October 2016


Completion of a capital increase of 30 million euros (34M$) with French groups KEOLIS and VALEO as well as the Qatari group GROUP8 as new shareholders

Signing of strategic agreements on technology and international distribution

NAVYA shareholders have unanimously agreed to a 30 million euro increase in capital. The French groups VALEO and KEOLIS as well as the Qatari company GROUP8 have taken an equity stake alongside the original shareholders, GRAVITATION, CAP DÉCISIF MANAGEMENT and ROBOLUTION CAPITAL, the original shareholder. After this increase, ROBOLUTION CAPITAL, managed by 360 CAPITAL PARTNERS, retains control of the company. The company’s new structure is now made of a Supervisory Board, composed of eight shareholders’ representatives, and a Management Board. This organisational structure, by allocating non-operational responsibilities to the Supervisory Boardwill enable the Management Board to concentrate efforts on business development and management of the expected growth.

Christophe Sapet, NAVYA’s Chaiman of the Management Board states :

‘‘This increase is primarily intended for international business development and continued investment in R & D to stay ahead in the eld of autonomous vehicles. This capital raise will give NAVYA the structure for sustainable growth.’’

The company has also signed important strategic agreements, to on the one hand gain access to new technology and on the other hand, the increase in deployment capacity of NAVYA SHUTTLES in the world. Of these, three are particularly emphasized:

  • A collaboration agreement with the VALEO Group in order to integrate their technology in the manufacturing of autonomous shuttles as well as optimizing sensor data treatment, an essential element of smart mobility,
  • A partnership agreement with the KEOLIS group enabling NAVYA to better meet driverless eet management requests from cities, as is the case with the NAVLY service in Lyon Con uence, operational since the beginning of September 2016,
  • A distribution agreement with GROUP8 for the development of NAVYA in the Middle Eastern and African markets, including a sales joint venture and the establishment of an assembly line in the Gulf region to better meet regional market needs.

‘‘To secure a sustainable growth in an increasingly competitive context, we have chosen a partnership strategy that allows us, on the one hand, to optimize costs with the offers of one of the largest automotive suppliers to stay competitive, and on the other hand to ensure most effectively the international deployment of our autonomous mobility solution, NAVYA SHUTTLE. Achieving faster critical volumes will reduce investments from cities and companies who wish to equip themselves with intelligent and autonomous mobility solutions and thus accelerate the growth of our company‘‘ explains Christophe SAPET.


Download the press release : Press release 




A pioneer and specialist in the autonomous vehicle market, NAVYA assists cities and private sites around the world in improving their transport offer with its autonomous, driverless and electric solutions. At the cutting edge of technology, NAVYA revolutionizes trips by offering fluid mobility solutions.

(Boiler plate) NAVYA’s impact is international. Its multidisciplinary team of experts is motivated by one principle objective: offering new mobility solutions that are more intelligent and more fluid, thereby taking part in the sustainable transformation of everyday life.

NAVYA benefits from an overall vision and expertise in automobile technology and software solutions which include perception, visualization, navigation, geolocation, telecommunications and automobile manufacturing.

Indeed, at our 5 sites located in France and the United States, our 150 employees combine their complementary skills in Research & Development, Design and Production, to conceive and develop our range of autonomous, driverless and 100% electric vehicles. These are vehicles that merge motor, digital and robotic technology and are capable of solving the problem of the first and last mile, both in cities and on private sites.

In Europe, the United States and in Asia and the Pacific, over 50 NAVYA SHUTTLES are already in service (September 2017) and more than 180,000 passengers have already benefited from this innovative mobility solution, in cities or on private sites.