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11 July 2017


3rd July, 2017 marked a new milestone in the future of modern transportation as autonomous shuttle global leader NAVYA and public transport giant KEOLIS, in partnership with Paris public transport authority Ile-de-France Mobilités (Ex-STIF) and DEFACTO, launched a brand new autonomous shuttle service in the heart of Europe’s largest business district, Paris La Défense. The six month trial, using three NAVYA SHUTTLE fully autonomous, 100% driverless and electric shuttles, is aimed to meet the needs of the inhabitants of l’Ile de France and in keeping with the city of Paris’s approach to innovation in favour of new sustainable mobility solutions, is paving the way for the future of mobility.

This service is free of charge for users and offers three different routes, seven days a week, serving the main areas of the Paris La Défense district, which welcomes 500,000 visitors every day. During the first 3 months, operators will be present onboard the shuttle. However, the second phase will see the NAVYA SHUTTLES running in full autonomous mode, with no operators onboard! This is the very first time that such a trial will have been conducted in a semi-pedestrian area.

“NAVYA is a global leader in autonomous mobility innovations and we are delighted to have been selected for this trial in Paris. Our aim is to participate in paving the way for the future of mobility and what better testing ground than the largest pedestrian area in Europe!” enthused Christophe Sapet, CEO of NAVYA.


Click here to view the shuttle in action in La Défense: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OJFwb8RGCg

The video may be downloaded here:

Images may be downloaded here:




NAVYA SHUTTLE is a safe, reliable and comfortable 100% autonomous, driverless and electric public transport vehicle that can carry up to 15 people. It has been designed to ensure the specific functions of an autonomous vehicle while optimizing navigation and safety. The shuttle is equipped with a multitude of sensor technology to provide 3D vision which enables it to map out the environment, detect obstacles in its path and identify traffic and road signs. The NAVYA SHUTTLE can reach speeds of 28miles/hr. However, taking into account the nature of the sites it often serves, this is often limited to 15 miles/hr. The vehicle aims to provide a complement to current public transport systems over distances that are too short to go by car or are too long on foot.



NAVYA, created in 2014, is a French company and leading name in the development of innovative, smart and sustainable mobility solutions. NAVYA develops driverless, automated electric vehicles that are dedicated to first and last mile and independent of all  infrastructure. October 2016 saw NAVYA secure a 30 million euro raise in capital together with its original shareholder, investment fund Robolution Capital, Cap Decisif Management with the FRCI Fund(Fonds Régional de Co-investissement de la Région Ile de France), holding company GRAVITATION, French groups VALEO and KEOLIS and GROUP8. NAVYA benefits from major advances in technology in the driverless, electric vehicle sector thanks to a highly-qualified R&D team. Christophe Sapet, its CEO, is supported by a team of 130 people divided up between Lyon and Paris. For more information visit http://navya.tech/


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