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3 October 2016


– Completion of a capital increase of 30 million euros with French groups KEOLIS and VALEO as well as the Qatari group GROUP8 as new shareholders

– Signing of strategic agreements on technology and international distribution


Lyon, Paris, France, October 3rd 2016

Navya, one of the leading companies providing smart mobility and driverless solutions, designer of the NAVYA SHUTTLE, announced today a €30 M capital increase granting it greater human, technical and commercial resources to ensure its development.

Navya has thus reached a new milestone in its growth strategy. The company, which aims to operate thirty machines by the end of 2016, now has the means to address international markets.


A 30 million euros capital increase

French groups KEOLIS and VALEO as well as the Qatari group GROUP8 as new shareholders

NAVYA shareholders unanimously agreed to a 30 million capital increase.

The French groups VALEO and KEOLIS as well as the Qatari company GROUP8 took an equity stake alongside the original shareholders, GRAVITATION, CAP DÉCISIF MANAGEMENT and ROBOLUTION CAPITAL, the historic shareholder.

After this increase, ROBOLUTION CAPITAL, managed by 360 CAPITAL PARTNERS, retains the company’s control.

The company’s new structure is now made of a Supervisory Board, composed of eight shareholders’ representatives, and a Management Board. This organisational structure aims, by allocating non-operational responsibilities to the Supervisory Board, which will be led by Bruno Bonnell, to concentrate the Management Board efforts on business development and management of the expected growth.


Christophe Sapet, NAVYA’s Chaiman of the Management Board states: “This increase is primarily intended for international business development and continued investment in R & D to stay ahead in the field of autonomous vehicles. This capital raise will give NAVYA the structure for sustainable growth. ”  Strategic agreements The company has also signed important strategic agreements with on one hand access to new technologies and on the other hand the increase in deployment capacity of NAVYA SHUTTLE shuttles in the world. Of these, three are particularly emphasized:

“To secure a sustainable growth in an increasingly competitive context, we chose a partnership strategy that allows us, on one hand, to optimize costs with the offers of one of the largest automotive suppliers to stay competitive, and on the other hand to ensure most effectively our international deployment of autonomous mobility solution, NAVYA SHUTTLE. Achieving faster critical volumes will reduce investments from cities and companies who wish to equip themselves with intelligent and autonomous mobility and thus accelerate the growth of our company. ” explains Christophe Sapet. 

For the overall structuring operation, NAVYA has been advised by Matthieu Grollemund (Dechert LLP) and Alex Carré De Malberg (Alexander Partners).





NAVYA, created in 2014, is a French company specialising in developing innovative, smart and sustainable mobility solutions. NAVYA develops driverless, automated electric vehicles that are independent of all infrastructure. These vehicles are designed for the intelligent transport of people and goods. In October 2015, NAVYA launches the NAVYA SHUTTLE, a 100% autonomous, driverless and electric shuttle which can transport up to 15 people and which is now operating on different sites: private sites and public roads. The vehicle is equipped with numerous sensors and an on-board computing system that enables it to interact with its surroundings. It is also intended to provide efficient mobility solutions in terms of space and energy. NAVYA benefits from major advances in technology in the autonomous, electric vehicle sector thanks to its experience in the field and a highly qualified R&D team. Christophe Sapet, its CEO, is supported by a team of 60 people divided up between Lyon and Paris.



Valeo is an automotive supplier, partner of all manufacturers in the world. As a technology company, Valeo offers innovative systems and equipment for the reduction of CO2 emissions and the development of intuitive driving. The Group achieved in 2015 a turnover of 14.5 billion euros and has devoted more than 10% of its total OEM turnover towards research and development. Valeo employs 88,800 collaborators in 32 countries, in 148 production plants, 19 research centers, 35 development centers and 15 distribution platforms. Valeo is listed on the Paris Stock Exchange and is part of the CAC 40 index.



The Keolis Group, a world leader in public passenger transport, is 70% owned by the SNCF and 30% by the Quebec Deposit and Investment Fund (CDPQ). Armed with 56 000 collaborators spread out over 16 countries*, Keolis develops tailor-made mobility solutions adapted to suit every local issue including automated underground trains, trams, trains, buses, coaches, river and maritime shuttles and self-service bicycles. The Group provides mobility solutions and services via its subsidiary, Kisio. It is also the n°2 in car parks in France thanks to another of its subsidiaries, EFFIA.

In 2015, Keolis transported 3 billion passengers and reported a turnover of 5 billion euros.

*Keolis has a significant presence in France and also operates across 16 other countries which include Germany, Australia, Belgium, Canada, China, Denmark, the UAE, the USA, India, Luxemburg, Norway, the Netherlands, Portugal, the United Kingdom and Sweden.



Group8 International Company is a Qatari holding company focusing on investments developing innovative, smart and sustainable solutions for Qatar, and the MEA region. In the transport segment, Group8, is bringing through its associate company SmartTransport, solutions for the last kilometer, which connect to the rapidly expanding rail, metro and tram systems in Qatar. In line with the Qatar National Vision Plan 2030, Group8 aims to resolve the feeder network infrastructure issue with the most affordable, environmentally friendly and safest solutions, including with bus, cable-cars, parking, driving schools and road surveillance and services solutions. Group8 is also active in Qatar in providing environmentally sound waste recycling solutions. Furthermore, Group8 is present in the education, defense, entertainment, industrial, contracting and real estate sectors.Group8 management team is led by Abdelaziz Ali Hamad Al Attiyah as Chairman and A.M. Saleem as President, and is based in Doha, Qatar.


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