Navya offers best-in-class and customized solution to automate any people or goods transportation flow, based on a deepen analysis of the technical, environmental and economical specificities.

Proven concept

Our self-driving technology, integrated on our shuttle vehicle, has been already sold at 160 units worldwide since 2015 and has driven more than 470,000km in any types of environments. Navya Driver® features has benefitted of continuous new developments based on the lessons learnt from operational experience in those various applications.

Awarded technology

Navya won the « Best Endurance & Reliability » and « Best Consumer Experience » awards at the first world challenge organized by the Dubai Roads and Transport Authority (RTA) dedicated to the actors specialized in autonomous passenger transportation on limited routes – first mile/last mile – at reduced speed in an urban environment.

Partnering with Navya

From the upgrade of your existing vehicle platform with our self-driving technology to the launch of a turn-key self-driving transportation service for people or goods, we will provide the best solution suited to your specific needs.

Proof of Concept

Innovative projects aiming at testing and demonstrating capabilities of a self-driving service for a given application through the development of a prototype.

Custom commercial applications

This format is dedicated to long-term self-driving services, aiming at equiping vehicle fleets with our “Driven by Navya” self-driving solution.

Autonomization principle

Navya offers a wide range of expertises to accompany its parners in all the phases of the autonomous service development, from customization of the solution provided – hardware and software – to management of product development, commissioning, maintenance and supervision.